Get Rid Of Loose Wires and Cables

Get Rid Of Loose Wires and Cables

Set up professional TV mounting services in Austin, TX

You're having a family movie night, but there's a big distraction: the cables in disarray around the edge of the TV. Wouldn't you love to walk into your living room to a clean, wire-free TV stand? Let Pearlman Tech help you. Pearlman Tech offers TV mounting services for homeowners in the Austin, TX area. He'll run the wires behind the wall to hide them, so you'll never have to deal with their unsightly appearance again.

By scheduling TV mounting services, you can enjoy a professional-style entertainment system from the comfort of your own home. Set up an appointment by calling 512-212-8200 today.

Seamless streaming from your TV

Entertainment has moved to digital platforms over the years, which means setting up all of your accounts feels like a daunting task. Pearlman Tech offers TV setup services that include...

  • Mounting TVs and hiding all of the connected cables
  • Connecting TVs and entertainment systems to your Wi-Fi
  • Setting up your streaming services, including Hulu and Netflix

Hire Andrew Pearlman for TV setup services today. He'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.